Semester At Braise 201, Spring 2019


Semester At Braise 201, Spring 2019


Looking to advance skills learned in Semester at Braise 101?
Semester 201 is a 6 week course designed to expand upon skills learned in 101.

Classes to include:

Sauces 201

Charcuterie 201

Cheesemaking 201

Bread 201

Pasta 201

Pastry 201

Classes will be held Thursdays, Feb 21st thru March 28th from 6-9pm.

*Completion of Semester at Braise 101 is required for participating in 201.


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Classes are held at Braise Culinary School, located at Braise Restaurant, 1101 S. 2nd Street, Milwaukee, WI.

To purchase a class using your Braise Gift Card, please make your reservation directly via e-mail at

*No refunds will be given if a class is missed due to the price being for the entirety of the semester. Classes will be rescheduled due to inclement weather.                                                                                                                  

*Cancellations up to 31 days before 1st class will incur $50 cancellation fee, cancellations within 30 days of 1st class incur $150 fee.

Questions? Please email