Semester At Braise, Wednesday Spring '18 Classes

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Semester At Braise, Wednesday Spring '18 Classes


Are you a talented home cook looking for a more extensive option to hone your culinary skills? Become a student in our Semester at Braise. This hands on ten-week course covers the fundamentals of cooking and baking as well as menu planning and wine pairing. Each student will receive a culinary textbook, chef coat and apron as well as the option to purchase a basic knife kit from Fein Brothers. Finally, the class will culminate in a Graduation Dinner where you and your classmates will create a four course meal with the chefs of Braise for your friends and family.

We also offer 4 Saturday Labs in which students will receive more individualized instruction for an additional fee.


All Spring Semester at Braise classes will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6-9 pm.

Although many of the topics covered throughout the semester are similar to those in our Braise Basics series, all semester classes are more expansive and rigorous.


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Week One: Knife Skills & Butchering
Strong knife skills are essential for the professional chef. Learn knife sharpening, proper holding and classic cutting techniques. We will also cover product identification of primals and cuts of animals. Learn which types of cuts are best suited for certain cooking techniques. Also addressed are trussing and tying poultry and portioning larger cuts of beef and pork.

Week Two: Stocks & Sauces
The foundation of good sauce-making is a good stock. Learn how to make chicken, brown meat stock, vegetable and fish stocks. You will learn how to turn these stocks into demi-glaces and French classical sauces.

Week Three: Reductions, Vinaigrettes and Vegetable Purees
Learn how to use modern sauce making techniques to enhance overall flavor profiles of a dish. These modern sauces use fresh and seasonal ingredients to highlight simple and clean flavors. We will make items such an arugula coulis, smoked tomato vinaigrette and herb vierge.

Week Four: Meat & Fish
Learn the art of protein cookery. Learn how to saute, poach, grill, braise and roast meat, poultry and fish. Also learn how to properly filet fish. Last, learn how to carve and cut the proteins for the finished plate presentation.

Week Five: Pasta
Learn how to make fresh pasta and ravioli. We will explore fillings such as the classic Ricotta and herb. Also learn how to make gnocchi, the potato dumpling, as well as simple sauces to pair with your pasta.

Week Six: Vegetables & Grains
Learn about the seasonality of vegetables and why we use them at the peak of their seasons. Learn how to extract the most flavor out of different vegetables by blanching, poaching, grilling, sauteing, and roasting.

Week Seven: Bread
Learn where bread begins, with starters, poolish and biga; the building blocks of excellent bread. We will be making flat breads, loaf breads and rustic breads. Learn no-knead bread making technique as well as the tradition knead technique.

Week Eight: Pastry
We will cover the fundamentals of pastry and baking including making various doughs, cakes, different types of custards, cooking sugars and how to plate finished desserts. Learn about different types of flour, sugar and fats and how to substitute within recipes for the desired outcome.

Week Nine: Menu Planning & Wine Pairings
Learn how to write a properly constructed menu and how to [air those items with wines to have a natural progression of flavors. Learn about different grape varietals and how to properly taste wine. 

Week Ten: Graduation Dinner
Show off your new knowledge and skills to your friends and family! As a culmination of all your hard work, the semester students will prepare a meal with the chefs of Braise for your friends and family. Each student receives 2 tickets as a part of the cost of the semester. Additional tickets can be purchased for $50/each if more friends and family would like to attend.

Saturday Labs:
Saturday labs are held 4 times throughout the semester from 10am-12pm. Each lab focuses on specific topics learned throughout the 10 weeks. The labs are meant to give students an opportunity to delve a little deeper into topics they are most interested in or with which they need extra practice. Each lab is $75.

 Stocks, Sauces, Reductions, Vinaigrettes & Purees

 Knife Skills, Butchering, Meat & Fish

 Bread, Pasta, Veggies & Grains


Classes are held at Braise Culinary School, located at Braise Restaurant, 1101 S. 2nd Street, Milwaukee, WI.

To purchase a class using your Braise Gift Card, please make your reservation directly via e-mail at
*No refunds will be given if a class is missed due to the price being for the entirety of the semester. Classes will be rescheduled due to inclement weather