Restaurant Supported Agriculture (RSA)  

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Dave Swanson, owner


Braise RSA makes local, seasonal ingredients accessible to area restaurants. 

By working with area farms and restaurants in a cooperative effort, the RSA addresses the obstacles that have prohibited restaurants from using local products, namely the time and cost associated with sourcing locally. The RSA also allows farmers to be fairly compensated for their hard work while keeping their farms' identity intact. 

How It Works

  • We buy in product directly from farmers and producers to resell to members of Braise RSA and Braise on the Go.
  • Producers set the price, and we mark up the product’s price from the price we are paying for it to the producer rather than taking a percentage from the farmer.
  • Most items are available to both the RSA and Braise on the Go in small quantities (by the pound, each or bunch) rather than by the case, and we charge accordingly for the additional risks involved with committing to product before being sold, storage and increased handling.
  • We can also sell products by the case through the RSA at a lower price point to the buyer. In some cases, we make arrangements with the producers to offer products on consignment.
  • All orders are tracked through our online ordering system, so sales for products are tracked automatically and reports generated at regular intervals. Under this model, we work with the producer to determine the proper sales price and percentage of those sales the RSA will take for facilitating the sales.

We are working on developing food hubs in 2017, although they are not currently up and running.  We currently rely on farmers to get their products into our warehouse in Milwaukee. We expect to have the hubs operational late spring or early summer 2017.


For more information about our farm and producer services, reference this document or contact Dave Swanson.


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