Braise On The Go


Braise Home Delivery is now Braise On The Go!

Home Delivery Photo_Complete_Smaller.jpeg

Braise has offered a subscription-based home delivery program for the last several years. We've revamped the program to make it available to the general public without a subscription and to integrate more directly with Braise Restaurant and Culinary School. You will have the choice to order prepared foods and baked goods from Braise Restaurant, as well as fresh produce, meat, dairy, eggs, and much more from local food producers!  You can choose to have your items delivered to your house for a nominal delivery fee or pick it up at the restaurant. 

Braise on the Go offers weekly delivery and daily pick up options, on-premise grab and go convenience and a variety of popular local foods. We update our product line every week. To order simply go to the Shop and click what you want to order!

Order Deadlines and Guidelines

Braise On The Go Orders placed between 8am Wednesday and 8am Monday will be delivered on Tuesday; orders placed between 8am Monday and 8am Wednesday will be delivered on Thursday. The delivery window is generally 10am to 2pm. We will contact you as soon as possible if your delivery will be outside the scheduled delivery time. 

If you are unable to receive your delivery in person, please leave a cooler accessible for us to leave your order in to keep your products safe. If no cooler is available, our driver will leave your order in the most appropriate spot available. We do not provide coolers or ice packs for deliveries.