A century old business

Schwarz Fish Company.

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At Braise, we strive to use Wisconsin-local products and support local farmers as part of our local food mission. It’s no exception when it comes to seafood. Here are a few facts about one of our fish suppliers, Schawz Fish Company, a family-owned and operated business in Sheboygan, WI.

They’ve been in business for more than a century.

Schwarz Fish Company opened in 1912. That’s more than a century old! The business, created by Herman Sr. and William Schwarz, opened alongside the Sheboygan River and focused on selling their smoked fish. In 1924, the company moved to its present location and expanded to fish processing and frozen seafood. To date, the Schwarz family still owns and operates the business.

They’ve used the same smoking process for over 90 years.

Schwarz never altered their fish smoking process. They use only sea salt and water in their brine and all natural hardwood fires. This method of smoking fish is still used by only 4 fish companies in the state.

They helped start the Wisconsin tradition of Friday fish fries!

Origin stories of the Friday fish fry point to prohibition as the catalyst to this long-standing tradition. During prohibition, taverns needed a way to draw in business. When prohibition ended, fish fries continued on in the heavily Germanic Sheboygan, and Schwarz Fish Company was around to help supply the fish! Locals can still enjoy the same fish fry every Friday at Schwarz’s retail store.

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