Rooftop Ecology

Essential to a local food mission

It’s obvious why rooftop gardens are essential to a local food mission. You can’t get more local than your own roof! Here are some more reasons why rooftop gardens are important and essential.

1. They’re sustainable!


Rooftop gardens support sustainable solutions in various different ways. An obvious bonus of having a roof garden is their ability to absorb rainwater. This helps prevent overflow in sewers and runoff into local waterways, especially in cases of heavy rainfall. (Rain also means our gardeners get a watering break…).

Plant-covered roofs also ease urban heat, through their natural ability to absorb it. This means we have the ability to use less air-conditioning in the space below our garden during hot summer months, saving money, energy, and emissions!

2. They improve health!

Plants are known for their health benefits. As plants absorb carbon dioxide to photosynthesize and do other plant things, they also absorb other unnecessary or harmful particulates. The result is a cleaner air quality for those who breathe oxygen!


Plants also make you feel better! Plants have been shown to reduce blood pressure, increase attentiveness, and improve your overall well-being among other proven benefits. It’s not a bad side effect for enjoying a meal on our rooftop patio, adjacent to the garden! Not to mention our rooftop bees are happy rooftop pollinators.

3. The food!


Growing your own food is as fresh as it gets! We use the veggies and herbs from our roof in our dishes and drinks. The result is delicious, quality and healthy food! Look for menu items marked ( R ) for a taste of rooftop ingredients.

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