Big Events, Small Waste

Reducing single-use product waste with fallen palm leaves

patra 1.jpg

Throwing a party is fun, but no one wants to deal with the mess. Since the invention of the paper plate in 1901, we have exponentially increased our use of single-use products to avoid doing the dishes, reaching an unsafe amountfor the health of our planet.

Now, after the detrimental effects of plastics, styrofoam, and other harmful chemicals often found in these single-use products have been discovered, we need to make steps towards changing our single-use products.

patra 2.jpg

For our single-use plate needs, we turn to Patra for a better alternative to plastics and chemicals. Patra uses fallen areca palm leaves to shape their signature dinnerware. Not only does it look better than the less-friendly alternatives, Patra plates have many eco-benefits including being biodegradable, sourced from raw and natural materials, and using less energy in the composting process.

Next time you are enjoying a meal at one of our farm dinners, know that the plate you are using is free from harmful chemicals and is helping to reduce single-use waste. It’s small steps such as these we choose to help make the food industry more sustainable.

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