Roof Honey

How sustainable beekeeping is essential to our local food mission.

When you think of bees, what comes to mind? A pesky creature with the potential to cause an unpleasant sting? A simple machine that creates delicious honey for your evening tea?

In reality, bees are so much more. According to the Natural Resources Defence Council, bees are responsible for cross-pollinating at least 30 percent of the world’s crops and around 90 percent of the world’s wild plants.This pollination is a critical element in keeping plants alive and thriving.

Braise rooftop honey

Braise rooftop honey

Since it’s clear that bees play a critical role in keeping our food systems at large alive, it’s no question that bees play a central role in local and sustainable food systems. This vital information led Laura Maigatter, Braise server, to a position of head beekeeper at local beekeeping company, Beepods.

“I was interested in local food systems and I realized just how important bees are to keeping these systems thriving,” Maigatter said. “Without bees, many of these systems would collapse.”

Maigatter (left) with Braise’s rooftop Beepod

Maigatter (left) with Braise’s rooftop Beepod

In collaboration with Beepods, Braise keeps our very own beepod in the corner of our rooftop garden. The pod, while providing delicious honey for our drinks and dishes, also helps to keep the rest of our rooftop veggies thriving, and creates a more sustainable ecosystem.

“It’s not just about the honey,” Maigatter said.

Beepods, known for their innovative “top bar” design, allow bees to create hives more similarly to how they would create them in nature. This allows for happier bees and less chance of bees dying prematurely.

“Stacked hives, while having good intentions for their bees, isn’t how bees would keep their hives in nature,” Maigatter said. “They can stress bees out, or even make them sick.”

bee 3.jpg

Beepods work to eliminate bee fatigue while also allowing beekeepers the luxury of safely harvesting honey. It’s a win-win-win for bees, our local food systems, and beekeepers alike!

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