Helping the Earth (down to the worms)

The great work of Milwaukee’s Compost Crusader.

Research shows that Americans alone waste 150,000 tons of food each day. This equates to roughly one pound per person wasted each day. This waste only adds to landfill pollution that affects our air, soil and water quality. The restaurant industry is often pointed to as a major suspect in contributing to this waste.

At Braise, our local food mission ties into care for our local and global ecology. A simple solution to avoiding copious food waste is composting, the processes of allowing organic matter to decompose, (instead of stay stagnant in landfills) creating a compost material that can be reused as soil fertilizer.

Compost Crusader at our recent Garlic Fest!

Compost Crusader at our recent Garlic Fest!

That’s why we’ve turned to Compost Crusader. Thanks to the services of Compost Crusader, since September of 2016, we have diverted 35,410.22 pounds of food and other organic waste from landfills!

Compost Crusader helps a number of business, schools and municipalities in the Milwaukee area divert their unnecessary landfill waste to certified compost sites. They started in 2014 with a simple mission, diverting 130,267 pounds of material from landfills working with 15 customers. Last year, they diverted 1,286 TONS of material from Milwaukee landfills. They only hope to grow, decreasing the height of our ever growing landfills.

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