Straw Talk

A step in the right direction.

It’s no question that our excessive plastic consumption and production has gotten out of hand. It can be found nearly everywhere; in our oceans, landfills and our homes.

Most sources estimate plastic to stick around for hundreds of years past our use of it before decomposing. This number is only increased when the compound is dumped in oxygen-deprived landfills, all while leaving behind a plethora of microplastics to further pollute our earth.

With all of these plastic problems mounting, it’s no wonder that businesses have been looking for more sustainable solutions when it comes to plastic. In recent headlines, one seemingly simple solution within the foodservice industry has been a hot-button topic among news and social media outlets. Plastic straws.

Braise’s compostable paper straws

Braise’s compostable paper straws

“I’ve heard more straw talk in the last two months than the entirety of my foodservice career,” says David Swanson, owner of Braise.

This talk all came to a head when the largest coffee corporation, Starbucks, made an announcement about eliminating straw use from their products altogether, opting for a “sippy cup” lid on their drinks, deeming their actions an “environmental milestone.”

While their intent can be questioned, the overall reduction of any plastic waste is to be celebrated. It’s a step in the right direction and can help encourage more businesses and individuals to make sustainable practices more common.

Braise has been using compostable paper straws since opening in 2011 as reducing plastic use has been part of our local food mission.

straw 2.jpg

“The idea of using local food goes beyond what’s on the plate,” Swanson says. “It’s a holistic approach to water usage, packaging, and environmental issues from carbon footprint to what chemicals are rampant in our everyday lives.”

Braise applauds business that follow suit in choosing sustainable solutions, in whatever way they can.

Cheers! To spreading environmental awareness and paper straws!

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