A look back: More than a restaurant bar

On Monday, May 14, a night Braise is typically closed, the bar was open. Braise hosted the MixTape Cocktail Competition Wisconsin Semi-Finals in partnership with Copper & Kings American Brandy Company.



Drinks from Roger Barts, the competitions victor.

The competition, consisting of six competitors from the Midwest’s best cocktail creators, focused on the relationship between drinks and music. Competitors were given 15 minutes to set up, prepare and make 3 of their drinks. They then were asked to explain the inspiration behind the drink and how it pairs with their chosen album, artist or song.

Braise hosted the competition thanks to bar manager, Nick Duhamel, who, when approached about bringing the competition to Braise, accepted without hesitation.



Duhamel (left)

“I love bringing awareness to Braise as a cocktail bar within a restaurant and this was a really fun way to do that,” Duhamel said.

In the end, Roger Barts of Heritage Tavern in Madison, WI arose the competitions victor. It was also a success in showing that Braise has more than just a typical restaurant bar. Duhamel says that being around the cocktail bar crowd was inspiring for Braise’s own drink creations.

“Doing themes is always a fun way to put out drinks,” Duhamel said. “And it’s a great way to engage people.”


John Waters-inspired drinks; crybaby, pink flamingo, and divine waters.

Braise recently put out drinks themed around the films of John Waters in celebration of Milwaukee’s Pride weekend. Check out Braise’s bar during normal hours of operation. http://www.braiselocalfood.com/